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“This bracing and illuminating bilingual tale deftly shows a kid’s love for a favorite truck.” Kirkus Reviews (starred review) 

My really BIG, bright Red, lightning Fast, Loud as thunder Monster Truck goes EVERYWHERE with me!” Every day brings a new adventure for Dylan as he plays with his favorite Monster Trucks. Dylan is also learning American Sign Language and knows how to sign the words for the colors and sounds of his favorite trucks. Each page is beautifully illustrated with one or more signs that parents and children can learn together.  


Hardcopy includes added value:

  1. Autograph 
  2. ASL Alphabet chart
  3. Four instructional bonus pages
  4. Four Videos Available using the QR Code 
    1. Dianna Campbell, Deaf Storyteller signs the story
    2. Michelle Osterhout, Deaf Storyteller signs the story
    3. Dennis Neubacher, narrated the stroy
    4. Michelle Osterhout, shows you how to sign all  32 signs illustrated in the book
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My Monster Truck Goes Everywhere With Me - Illustrated in American Sign Language