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Best Indie Books of 2021

Awarded by Kirkus Reviews!

"This bracing and illuminating bilingual tale deftly shows a kid’s love for a favorite truck.” — Kirkus Reviews (starred review)


“My really BIG, shiny PURPLE, lightning FAST, LOUD as thunder MONSTER T-R-U-C-K goes EVERYWHERE with ME as I learn ASL!”


Every day brings a new adventure for the blonde hair, blue-eyed protagonist as he plays with his favorite monster trucks.  He is also learning American Sign Language and knows how to sign the words for his favorite trucks' colors and sounds. 


Follow him as he takes his favorite truck to his grandma’s and plays with all his friends who live in the neighborhood. What a fun day!


The next morning, however, the truck goes missing. Where could it be? Can you help him find it?


Each page of My Monster Truck Goes Everywhere with Me is beautifully illustrated with one or more signs that parents and children can learn together. This book is as educational as it is entertaining.

Help support the mission to provide inclusive stories to d/Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing kids and their peers! See below.