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The National Authors Grocery Store Program, allows me to sell my books at grocery stores in Michigan, such as Kroger Stores. I am in my happy place, meeting people, connecting with them, and sharing our passions and purpose. 

If you are an author and are interested in learning more about this program or signing up for it, please feel free to contact me or reach out to Ray Depew at Please inform Ray that you learned about the program from Kathleen Marcath. Doing so will give me an award, and I would be extremely grateful, thank you!

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SCBWI Michigan is hosting Michigan Authors at the Blue Water Street Fair

I will be there on 

Thursday, July 13th from 4-9 

Port Huron Downtown is a wonderful place with so many great shops like @thecloset by @abeautifulme. For two days, you will have the pleasure of meeting many creatives and authors at the street fair.

Audible Browsing Experience

Ada's Technical Books in Seattle

Thurs. March 9th 6pm-8pm

Are you a literary lover or book admirers? Join us for an audible browsing experiencing at Ada's beautiful book shop in Seattle! There will be a number of authors including myself at this event. Ada's offers a range of yummy snacks and drinks all you need to bring is a curious mind! See you there!


Disabled, Different, Diverse? Writing the Liminal Space Between Identities

Seattle Convention Center, Level 4

Rooms 433-434, Summit Building

1:45pm-3pm Sat., Mar. 11th

People with minds/bodies differing from the norm describe their experience/identities differently, given cultural paradigms through which they see themselves. This presentation empowers listeners with all sorts of bodies and minds to consider and define their own experiences. 

Seniors Sign, Too!

Sat. March 18th 1pm-4pm PST

Live or on Zoom!

It was over a year ago I received a call from D'yann Elaine about my book My Monster Truck Goes Everywhere with Me. She loved it and shared an idea. I had one very similar during my studies at Madonna University. D'yann had a clear vision to make it happen. After over a year of hard work, I am thrilled to see Seniors Sign, Too! Release the first book in a series of twelve–Book #1 ASL Alphabet. Join the party to meet D'yann Elaine, Debbie Smith, the amazing illustrator team Filip Heyninck and his wife, Katrien Van Laere, and me! 

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Romeo Band's 10th Annual Craft and Vendor Show was terrific. First, they help you carry all your things to display! Then, Christmas Shoppers Delight. This was a fun event!

Four Corner's Diner is a beautiful family restaurant. Marty invited me to have a book signing at the restaurant for the Romeo Peach Festival. Well, there was a major inconvenience a week prior. They had a kitchen fire. But, no worries, the community gathered around with raffles and donations to help them get back on their feet and open. We put up tents, and a donation for every copy of My Monster Truck Goes Everywhere with Me - Illustrated in American Sign Language was made to support the diner.

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This shop offered my book at their booth during the Armada Fair, Monster Truck Jam day at the fair is an exciting day. Boys and girls of all ages love to watch this event, myself included. Guests had the opportunity all day to hear My Monster Truck Goes Everywhere with Me - Illustrated in American Sign Language, read to them in the children's area. They also learned a few fun signs.

SCWBI Membership offers perks! Like an invitation to participate in the Ann Arbor Holiday Art Fair. This was an excellent opportunity to meet other local authors, talk to shoppers and share my passion for children's books!

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Armada Fair 2021 - What an exciting time to share my book all week with children at the fair! I loved sharing the story and seeing the children learn new signs!

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Multicultural Bookstore 2021 – I flew to California! Well, not exactly, but it was fun to join authors via Zoom and store patrons to share our books. It was at this event I learned with the guests that while my book is written for a reading level of 3-8 year-olds, this is appropriate for people of every age!

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