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Award-Winning Team!

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

My Monster Truck goes Everywhere with Me was created by the collaboration of an exceptionally talented team. It takes a dedicated team of talented people to publish an Award-Winning Book! I am honored to present the team who contributed their gifts and talents to "My Monster Truck Goes Everywhere with Me." and the accompanying four videos.

It takes a dedicated team of talented people to publish an Award-Winning Book! Above is the video team. Proud to introduce the dedicated TEAM that brought you My Monster Truck Goes Everywhere with Me - Illustrated in American Sign Language

I am grateful for them all. Don't miss the pictures of Dylan, my grandson, who inspired me to share our story.



Kathleen Marcath:

Kathleen Marcath has a B.A. degree in Deaf Community Studies, as well as years of experience as a Special Education Sign Language Supporter has kindled her passion for helping children reach their educational potential. Kathleen is delighted to help fill the need for picture books illustrated in American Sign Language. She is a wife, mother, and grandmother and resides in Michigan.

I am honored and humbled by the presence success of winning the Kirkus Starred Review. This is my dream job writing for children! I found a passion for American Sign Language. Children and their zest for life inspire me, the joys they find in simple things, their big infectious smiles, their wild and free imagination.

My grandson Dylan was inspired with his joy and enthusiasm for life and Monster Trucks! See some of the inspiring snapshots below. My granddaughter told her teacher, Santa, the cashiers in any and every store, "This is my Mimi. She is writing a book!" They bring me so much joy!

To the team presented here, "Thank You" comes from my heart with deep gratitude for all your support and gifts of contribution—blessings, my friends.


Project Manager

April Cox:

April Cox is an award-winning author and founder of Little Labradoodle Publishing. The Little Labradoodle series of six books include two picture books and four coloring/activity books. "My goal is to provide beautifully illustrated books with characters that kids love while re-enforcing core values in a way that is fun for the whole family. April is a coach and volunteer, helping hundreds of authors fulfill their dreams of becoming a published authors. You can find more information at April lives in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, with Steve, her husband of thirty years, and their two Labradoodles.

April Cox answered a question on Facebook with an irresistible offer. I dared to post a question on Facebook in a group of aspiring authors. I asked, "Do any of you self-publish?" With a resounding YES, they said they all do. April added, "I have just started a new group, Self-Publishing Made Simple, guiding you through the process. You are welcome to join us."

I joined that group, and the outcome is My Monster Truck Goes Everywhere with Me. I love the author and marketing community on FaceBook and Instagram. They live with purpose and passion, willing to share their knowledge so freely. April has helped me through every step of the process. Without her, I would still be dreaming.



Bobbie Hinman:

Bobbie Hinman has a B.S. degree in Elementary Education. The combination of her teaching experience and time spent with her thirteen grandchildren has given her insight into the way children think and the stories they love to read. She has been a speaker and presenter at numerous schools, libraries, and book festivals all across the United States and in Canada. For the past 10 years, Bobbie has been busy editing children’s books, helping other authors to achieve their dreams.

Bobbie's talents are outstanding. She is supportive, going above and beyond, a real joy to work with.


Illustrator Sign Language and Storyboard