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Every Child has a Gift to Give

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Education Evolution is up to big things.

Dr. Maureen O'Shaughnessy has a passion for children and their education. Through the Education Evolution Podcast, she ignites the conversation to extend beyond the classroom walls into living life fully alive and contributing back to society.

It was a pleasure chatting with Maureen sharing our hearts for children. Education, inclusion, and introducing children to sign language prepare all children to thrive on a lifelong learning journey. I imagine inclusion for Deaf, HOH, and hearing children working together bilingually, helping each achieve educational and personal goals. To explore and find the inner strength they hold.

I hope you will listen to the entire podcast. With each question, we dive deeper into the heart of my passion for children. Listen now!

Maureen clearly expresses the passion we both have for children's education: "As we strive to create environments where all students feel seen, heard, valued, and are thriving, it's important to ensure that students feel supported and connected with not only educators, but also each other."

Isn't that what we all want for our children to thrive in life?

@EducationEvolutionPodecast hear about the innovation and collaborative agents of positive change to the fabric of education. I listen to parents and teachers talk about the need for change in teaching all the time. So it is genuinely refreshing to learn that professionals, students, and the community introduce and implement positive change for our children's education.

Tune in to Education Evolution and hear all the great programs making a positive impact in the lives of students across the country, including LEADPrep.

I have this wild imagination about the limitless possibilities of sign language we haven't even tapped into. The potential that sign language offers to so many areas of our life is waiting to be explored.

Will you explore the possibilities of ASL in your world?

Visit the link in my bio to hear our conversation on inclusion literature. Then be sure to give the podcast a visit, a like, a comment, a share, and subscribe.

Thank you to Dr. Maureen O'Shaughnessy for having me as a guest on her podcast and for her very kind words. I am humbled and honored.

My Monster Truck Goes Everywhere With Me

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  • Whole Brain Living book and TED talk by Jill Bolte Taylor

  • Christine Sun Kim’s TED talk on the enchanting music of sign language

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  • Jim Kwik

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Thank you!

Kathleen Marcath


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