Meet Diana Campbell an Extraordinary Person and Deaf ASL Storyteller

Diana Campbell

Diana Campbell graduated from Florida School for the Deaf and married her Deaf husband, Scott Ashley. They have twins CODA's (Children of Deaf Adult). Diana has worked as an ASL Specialist/Intervenor with Deaf-Blind students at the Bloomfield Hills School for DHH Program for almost 30 years. She always enjoys working with DHH children. She was born profoundly Deaf and had Deaf parents. Diana still works as a mentor with DHH families after school. In addition, she serves in the community teaching ASL classes and mentors at Oakland Community College.

Diana is a caring, passionate, and dedicated professional who always has your back.

We shared some great ASL Storytellers masters of imaginative narratives using space, expressions, and movement in a previous blog. Tanya Wyatt-Dennis, Kathleen Brockway, Adrean Clark, Trix Bruce, Daniel Durant, Linda Bove. Diana is right there with the best of them.

Meet Diana and her students at Bloomfield Hills Schools.