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Summer Vacation

I hope you're all having a fantastic summer so far!

We are taking time to rest, refresh and recharge.

On a background of purple and blue the word GONE is above the illustration by Issac Liang and Pardeep Mehra of a blue eyed, blond hair child, his expression shock, his handshapes signing GONE, and arrow pointing down indicating his dominate hand moves downward from the C handshape., siging GONE. Below the boy in his blue pokeadot pajamas are words in bold purple print "ON SUMMER VACATION"  In the bottom right hand corner is the purple monster truck from the book, " My Monster Truck Goes Everywhere with Me."

We are taking time to rest, refresh and recharge.

I posted on Instagram and Facebook to let our subscribers know that I'll be on summer vacation. Here's a quick update: I'm taking some time off to rest, refresh, and recharge, but I'm also working on some exciting projects that I can't wait to share with you this fall.

Taking breaks and getting some rest and more famliy time is essential for staying productive and creative. So, while I'm away, I'm also brainstorming and working on new ideas to make this upcoming fall season unforgettable.

Join the conversation by sharing your own summer adventures and memories with our community. We'd love to hear from you!

We conducted a reader survey and received much positive feedback about our resources. Our community of teachers, parents, and professionals suggests you explore our favorite books list, author interviews, and educational resources to stay inspired and informed throughout the summer. They expressed the need for inclusion and Deaf awareness. ASL Picture Books Author Visits are the perfect first step.

I can't wait for us to dive into the exciting projects and plans that I'm currently crafting. Until then, I hope you're enjoying your summer adventures and creating wonderful memories.

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Stay tuned for more updates, and prepare for a fantastic fall!

Take care,

Kathleen, Melody, and the team are taking time to rest, refresh, and recharge.

A blue banner two words, Keep Updated in a circle pattern. Below that it reads, Don't Miss a Thing! Sign up to our blog today. Below that is ASL Picture Book logo. Five stars above an open book with the hand shapges and letters A S L, In bold print PICTURE BOOKS llc. Then Subscribe Below! to the riight is a picture of author Kathleen Marcath, she has short curly brown hair, glasses and silver earings, whe is wearing a sky blue blouse an a lovely smile. Below her picture in a circle, are the words, Every child has a gift to give that only they can. ASL Picture Books is helping children discover it.


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