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My Monster Truck Goes Everywhere with Me

Follow Dylan as he takes his favorite truck to his grandma's and plays with this friends who live in the neighborhood. Dylan is also learning American Sign Language and knows how to sign the words for his favorite trucks' colors and sounds. He shows how to sign 32 signs throughout the book in easy-to-understand illustrations.


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Author Visits

Experience the seemingly magical power of American Sign Language. Author visits will be personal and engaging with a big focus on student participation and learning.


Students will be left with excitement and anticipation for what's possible and leave with a new appreciation for sign language and for the deaf and hard-of-hearing world.

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Free Downloads

I'm so excited to share these freebies with you! Get access to our ASL Education Supplement pack that includes the 5 parts of sign, a classifier that helps with hand movements in ASL and so much more. You'll also get access to our printable ASL alphabet chart and our 5 printable coloring pages too!

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"When a Deaf child sees these pictures illustrated in sign language, their eyes will light up."

—  Isaac Liang

Illustrator of "My Monster Truck Goes Everywhere with Me"