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Vroom-vroom! This big-wheeled treasure brings him joy… until it goes missing.
This little boy loves monster trucks and playing at Grandma’s house! But after an exhausting day
with his big, purple, and loud favorite toy, he’s devastated to discover the shiny truck is gone!

Is it hiding somewhere? Did he leave it at Grandma’s? Will he ever see his beloved best friend

In this delightfully engaging story with stunning illustrations and familiar themes, Kathleen
Marcath invites young readers to interact by using American Sign Language along with the
characters in the book. And with 32 ASL signs shown in easy-to-understand images,
downloadable educational sheets, and a QR code to ASL video lessons, kids will spark their
bilingual journey through a colorful and powerful resource.

My Monster Truck Goes Everywhere with Me - Illustrated in American Sign Language is a
beautiful children’s picture book. If you or your child like overcoming relatable problems,
learning new things, and feel-good entertainment, then you’ll adore Kathleen Marcath’s happy

Buy My Monster Truck Goes Everywhere with Me to zoom into adventure today!

A Kirkus Starred Review and Best Indie Book of 2021!


Hardcopy includes added value:

  1. Autographed.
  2. Downloadable - ASL Alphabet chart.
  3. Downloadable - Four instructional bonus pages.
  4. Four Videos are Available using the QR Code: 
    1. Dianna Campbell, Deaf Storyteller, signs the story.
    2. Michelle Osterhout, Deaf Storyteller, signs the story.
    3. Dennis Neubacher, Detroit Radio Personality, narrates the story.
    4. Michelle Osterhout shows you how to sign all  32 signs illustrated in the book.



Order Your Hardcopy TODAY!

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