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About the Author

Kathleen Marcath is a children’s book author who first discovered ASL when she learned to sign the song “Our God Is an Awesome God.” The beauty and power of ASL captured her attention and never let go. Countless times, she has watched the same magic illuminate people’s faces (deaf and hearing alike) when they learn this beautiful language. 


Her B.A. in Deaf Community Studies from Madonna University inspired her to promote ASL literacy and raise awareness of its importance to audiences of all ages and backgrounds. 

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In 2020, she founded ASL Picture Books to address the lack of representation of Deaf culture in children's books, and she published her award-winning debut children’s book, My Monster Truck Goes Everywhere With Me. She resides in Michigan with her family enjoying life and grandchildren.

Our Mission

Our mission at ASL Picture Books is to help fill the need for inclusive and diverse picture books and other resources about deafness and American Sign Language (ASL).  Help d/Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing (DHH) and hearing children discover the gift they hold and the skills to share it with the world as only they can. We work hard to foster understanding, inspire creativity and develop a greater appreciation for the unlimited potential of ASL.

Our Vision

That every child knows their inherent value and worth, that they are unique, gifted, and loved. That they experience the joy of communicating through sign language with their families, peers, and community. Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DHH) children discover their unique abilities, follow and achieve their heart's desires, and accomplish much more.  Further, the world embraces ASL discovering its limitless potential through collaborating with the Deaf community for a better world.

About Us

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Regardless of whether you know a few signs or are fluent in signing, ASL opens the pathways in our brains, enhancing our cognitive skills at any age! It is TRUE!

I am thrilled to introduce you to the team creating superior videobooks and instructional videos to accompany our award-winning ASL Picture Book

My Monster Truck Goes

Everywhere with Me!

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Dustyn Blindert Videographer
Kathleen Marcath
Author - Director 
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Diana Campbell ASL Storyteller
Isaac Liang
Deaf Illustrator

Bobbie Headshot fix from Book.jpeg
Bobbie Hinman

Dennis Neubacher 81645697_10157885212734
Dennis Neubacher Voiceover Narration
Doak Breen
Sound Production 
April Cox
Project Manager
Self-Publishing Made Simple

Michelle Osterhout
ASL Storyteller
Emma Massman ASL Interpreter
Pardeep Mehra png.png
Pardeep Mehar
Praise Saflor
Graphic Designer


My Monster Truck goes Everywhere with Me was created by the collaboration of an exceptionally talented team. It takes a dedicated team of talented people to publish an Award-Winning Book! I am honored to present the team who contributed their gifts and talents to "My Monster Truck Goes Everywhere with Me." and the accompanying four videos.

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